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Wolf'Em Stick Brand

Wolf'Em Stick Brand

Roast something new around the campfire. THE WOLF'EM STICK is designed to roast biscuit dough over the fire, creating a toasted biscuit cup... also
known as a WOLF'EM. Fill your biscuit cup with pie filling or anything you like to eat to make the tastiest treat you’ll ever have around a campfire.
Product features include a patented rotary handle that makes it easy to roast your perfect golden-brown marshmallow. Plus a backwards facing
roasting fork keeps your hot dogs from falling into the fire and biscuit attachment lets you cook WOLF'EM biscuit cups. Packaging also includes over 30
fun camping recipe ideas.

THE WOLF'EM STICK is the ultimate cooking tools used to make WOLF'EM STICK , a campfire treat that tastes so good you have to "wolf them" down "WOLF'EM".
Simply wrap a piece of biscuit dough over the cooking head, bake it over the fire for 3-5 minutes, then fill it with your favourite dessert or dinner fillings. Plus we
have a hot dog & marshmallow attachment included. The unit is collapsible for easy storing and or traveling.

Extends to 32"

Material: Wood/Steel

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