Handpicked Gifts for Him

Alexander Foster-Petrocco

Dive into our exclusive men’s gift guide, a curated collection designed to delight and cater to the distinctive tastes of the men in your life. Each handpicked item promises to strike the right chord of functionality and style.

Warm Buddy Sports Wrap for Aches

Warm Buddy Sports Wrap for Aches: Embrace cozy comfort with Warm Buddy’s Sports Wrap—ideal for relaxation, easing muscle tension, or simply staying toasty. These packs are microwave and freezer, and can offer soothing warmth or comforting cold. A thoughtful gift for the man who appreciates both practicality and comfort.

Pokoloko Alpaca Fisherman Hat

Pokoloko Alpaca Fisherman Hat: Keep him stylishly warm with the Pokoloko Fisherman Hat. Crafted with ethically sourced alpaca wool, these hats blend sustainability with a classic style. These hats are exceptionally soft and warm while maintaining a lightweight and breathable feel. 

Uptown Sox Garage Guru Crew Socks

Uptown Sox: Gift his feet a touch of luxury with Uptown Sox. These high-quality, stylish socks are designed for comfort and durability. From bold patterns to classic designs, Uptown Sox offers a range of options to suit his taste and elevate his sock game.


Revolve Spirits Tasting Glasses

Revolve Spirits Tasting Glasses: Elevate the spirits enthusiast's experience with the Revolve Spirit Tasting Glasses—a sophisticated addition to any connoisseur's collection. Their unique design encourages a natural liquid motion, enhancing the nosing of aromas as you gently roll or spin the glass like a top. Ideal for tasting gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and more, these glasses make for a perfect combination of style and functionality in one exquisite package.

BruMate Hopsulator Trio

BrüMate Insulated Drinkware: Keep his beverages at the ideal temperature with BrüMate Insulated Drinkware. These stylish and durable containers maintain the drink's temperature for an extended period. Whatever his drink of choice, BrüMate can accommodate it—from cold brew and hot coffee to cans of his favourite domestic. A practical and sleek gift for the man on the go that’ll be used year-round.

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