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Shelley MacDonald Jewellery

Extra Large Hoops Gold Filled Earrings

Extra Large Hoops Gold Filled Earrings

  • Handmade from gold-filled metal
    - Finish: High polished
    -Gold Fill
  • - ***Nickel Free***

    About Gold-Filled:
    Gold-filled is a layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal, typically a jewellers' brass or silver. It is becoming a very popular alternative to solid gold, because it’s more durable, more affordable, and more versatile for different lifestyles and activities.
    Gold-filled is different then gold-plated in several ways:

    - it won’t tarnish and/or turn colours
    - individuals who are sensitive to certain metals can wear gold-filled without worrying about a reaction
    - it can be worn daily without fear of fading or rubbing off and will last for 20-30 years
    - it contains a substantial layer of 14k gold, rather than a microscopic layer of gold-plating
    - it is worth more and maintains its value better than gold-plated, which has a minimal amount of gold.

    ***All of my pieces are designed and handmade using a variety of techniques such as soldering, filing, cutting and hammering etc. ***Please note that each piece will have slight variations that make them unique.***

    Each piece is packaged and ready for gifting.
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