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Alexander Foster-Petrocco

Embark on a journey of innovation and sophistication with our exclusive gift guide. This curated collection transcends the ordinary, introducing you to extraordinary treasures that that you won't find elsewhere. Each unique offering in this guide promises to captivate, surprise, and leave a lasting impression, making your gifts stand out in a league of their own.

The Wand Wine Filter

The Wand Wine Filter: Enjoy wine again! The Wand purifies your glass of wine by removing histamines and sulfites, which are triggers for those suffering from wine sensitivities or allergies. Headaches, stuffy nose, skin flush, next-day hangovers, upset stomach: all gone! The Wand is a convenient, disposable purifier that’s perfect for social gatherings, celebrations, and holidays. Plus the built-in wine charm means you’ll never lose track of your glass again!

Ultimate Moisturizing Gel Gloves

Ultimate Moisturizing Gel Gloves: Give the gift of velvety-soft hands with Moisturizing Gel Gloves. Infused with hydrating gel, these gloves offer a spa-worthy experience at home. Slip them on for a quick and luxurious fix, rejuvenating tired winter skin. Perfect for self-care enthusiasts or anyone in need of pampering, these washable and reusable gloves make a thoughtful and indulgent present for the colder months. Embrace the joy of soft, moisturized hands with this winter skincare essential.

The Gurgle Pot

The Gurgle Pot: The Gurgle Pot is not just a stylish pitcher; it adds a whimsical touch to pouring beverages. Its unique gurgling sound as you pour will entertain guests and make it a conversation starter at any gathering. Available in 42 oz., 12 oz., and 3 oz. sizes!

The Book Seat

The Book Seat: The Book Seat is a handy holder that encourages reading by physically enhancing the users’ experience, in a comfortable and relaxed way. The ergonomic design of The Book Seat reduces strain associated with holding reading material by elevating text and enabling hands-free comfort. For books & tablet devices of all kinds, the soft feel faux suede makes The Book Seat a delight to get comfy with. Lightweight and portable, The Book Seats adaptable body means that it can be used virtually everywhere! A phone sized pocket on the back keeps accessories close by with a convenient handle for travel and storage. Whether you're enjoying a novel on the couch or lounging in bed, the Book Seat effortlessly secures your reading material while providing optimal comfort. Gift the Book Seat to those who appreciate the fusion of practicality and innovation in their reading rituals.

Cocktail Bombs

Cocktail Bombs: The easiest way to make a cocktail. A Cocktail Bomb is like a bath bomb, but for your cup! Just drop one into sparkling water and create the perfect mocktail. Try the Raspberry Orange, Mimosa, Mojito, and Piña Colada flavours!

Revolve Spirits Tasting Glasses

Revolve Spirits Tasting Glasses: Elevate the spirits enthusiast's experience with the Revolve Spirit Tasting Glasses—a sophisticated addition to any connoisseur's collection. Their unique design encourages a natural liquid motion, enhancing the nosing of aromas as you gently roll or spin the glass like a top. Ideal for tasting gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and more, these glasses make for a perfect combination of style and functionality in one exquisite package.

Our Unique Gifts guide is all about uncommon and special presents that go beyond the usual. Each item in this collection is meant to bring surprise and joy in unexpected ways. At Lasting Impressions, find a gift that stands out and tells a unique story.

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